Spotted on BBC Eastenders: C21C EHO Food Thermometer Kit

Spotted on BBC Eastenders

Comark’s EHO Food Thermometer Kit Spotted on BBC Eastenders!

Last week Comark was spotted on BBC Eastenders.  The Queen Vic Pub received an unannounced EHO Visit as part of an investigation following a food complaint. The Environmental Health Officer took temperatures using a C21C EHO Food Thermometer Kit.


EHO Visits

The main role of an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) is to protect public health, to ensure there is no violation of food hygiene legislation and if there is, to make sure a corrective action is in place to prevent re-occurrences. The EHO’s intention is to ensure food is being prepared, handled, cooked, stored and distributed in a safe and hygienic way.

Visits are generally unannounced so a fair and reasonable perspective can be gained of the working practices of the business and EHO’s have the right to enter your premises at any reasonable time.

You may also be visited:

  • As part of an investigation for a food complaint/ allegation of food poisoning
  • Part of routine/formal food sampling
  • A re inspection


For more information on our Kit: C21C EHO Food Thermometer Kit


EHO Food Thermometer Kit   EHO Food Thermometer Kit

Sources: BBC, Auditing Food Safety

Images courtesy of BBC Eastenders