Six Steps to a Safe and Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey

For Americans, Thanksgiving is just a few Thursdays away – a holiday where roughly 88 percent of Americans consume turkey, according to CNN. With 1.7 percent of turkey testing positive for salmonella in 2014, according to the USDA, it’s important to make sure your holiday meal is prepared safely. Below are six steps to a delicious and safe Thanksgiving turkey.

1. Check to be sure your meat has been kept at the correct temperature throughout the storage process. A data logger from Comark is an easy and cost effective tool to log transport data across any distance.

2. If your turkey has been frozen, use the Pocketherm from Comark to keep track of its status as you defrost. Safely defrost in the refrigerator, in cold water or in the microwave, but never leave meat out on the counter to thaw, or submerge in hot water. These methods allow for harmful bacteria to multiply – leading to foodborne illnesses.

3. As you begin prepping your turkey, be sure to handle properly – using gloves and sanitized tools. While seasoning and basting, wash your hands frequently. And as soon as you are finished using either a tool or surface, properly sanitize again for future use by washing with a bleach solution.

4. Transport the turkey to the oven, and set your kitchen timer. Confirm the meat is cooked to completion using a Pocketherm from Comark. The internal temperature of a fully cooked turkey should reach 165° F, according to the USDA. The portable thermometer will indicate if your food falls within HACCP limits for frozen, chilled or cooked.

5. Serve the meal and enjoy!

6. Freeze leftovers for later, and use the Pocketherm to verify they are stored at the proper temperature.

Contact Comark for more information about food safety tools you can use to ensure your Thanksgiving meal is both delicious and safe to eat.