Pocketherm to Ensure Safety of Rare Meat

Attention rare burger lovers everywhere – the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has proposed new guidelines for preparing and serving rare burgers in food outlets.

Because of the possibility for bugs in ground beef, past guidelines for businesses have recommended serving burgers well-done, with no pink in the center. However, the growing popularity and demand for rare meat have spurred the FSA to reconsider.

The proposed new guidelines outline specific procedures to ensure safety throughout the supply chain, including strict temperature monitoring.

Temperature monitoring is one of the most critical components of confirming that meat has been cooked to an adequate temperature for safe consumption. The P125 Pocket Thermometer, commonly called the Pocketherm, from Comark makes this easy.

Chefs around the globe turn to the Pocketherm for quick and accurate temperature checks while preparing burgers, and it’s easy to see why. The folding, pocket sized thermometer is portable, with coloured LEDs to indicate whether the meat is frozen, chilled or cooked. Antimicrobial technology adds another layer of defense against pesky foodbourne illnesses.

The FSA will meet to discuss approval of the new guidelines in early September, and will work diligently with local authorities to ensure that all new procedures are understood.

For more information about the Comark 125 Pocket Thermometer, visit http://www.comarkinstruments.com/p125-pocket-thermometer.