Amidst Campylobacter Surge, Smart Temperature Monitoring Can Play Big Role in Food Safety Strategies

Food safety experts across the globe are taking action in response to an astounding surge in Campylobacter – a bacterium that can infect food and, when consumed by humans, cause fever, nausea, vomiting and a slew of other symptoms. Recent analyses in the United Kingdom and United States are particularly grim. More than 70 percent of chickens tested in the UK between February 2014 and February 2015 were contaminated with Campylobacter, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA). In the United States, Campylobacter infections in humans have increased more than 13 percent. With the UK’s Campylobacter infection rates being compared to the salmonella outbreak of the 1980s, government officials have charged poultry suppliers to make immediate improvements. Enhancing food-temperature safety strategies can be a key component to driving down infections that can fester and grow when food is processed, transported, … Read more

The New Online Portal by Comark Instruments Centralises Compliance, Product and Record-Keeping Strategies

A new Online Portal makes it easier for organisations to ensure their operations remain fully compliant with key temperature and humidity monitoring regulations. Comark is the world’s leading expert in temperature monitoring for the food, healthcare and other sectors, globally supplying more than 1 million precision thermometers, data loggers and wireless monitoring instruments each year. Due to its scale and reach, Comark is well positioned to link the global market into a unified portal that streamlines important industry information and product resources. “All of our temperature and humidity monitoring products and solutions are designed for high accuracy and efficiency, both of which are crucial components for the food, healthcare, life sciences, laboratory and other sectors we serve,” says Comark Director Product Marketing Mick Hall. “Unifying product and other information into a user-friendly portal is an extension of our commitment to … Read more

Food Safety Direct - Comark Award Winners

Comark Instruments Awards Partners for Sales Achievements

Comark Instruments, the world’s leading expert in temperature monitoring for the food and healthcare sectors has recognised two of its partners for their outstanding performance in sales and service. Food Safety Direct, based in Lancaster, Lancashire, received Comark’s award for Best UK Distributor while Selin, based in Milan, Italy, earned the 2014 award for Best International Distributor. Both companies were top performers for Comark Instruments’ range of temperature-monitoring products in 2014 and supported their sales initiatives with superior service for their customers. “Our global network of distribution partners is crucial to providing our customers with growing access to temperature-monitoring solutions that are accurate, efficient and keep organizations compliant with audits and regulating standards,” says Comark Instruments General Manager Ian Wilcock. “We’re proud of all of our partners’ achievements and are very thankful to Food Safety Direct and Selin for their commitment to … Read more

Pocketherm 125 Spotted on BBC’s Kew on a Plate

The Comark Pocketherm 125 was recently spotted on the BBC’s new show, “Kew on a Plate.” In the show, Chef Raymond Blanc explores the centuries-old practice of kitchen gardens that yielded vegetables for British royalty. In the series, he spends a year in the botanical gardens at Kew cooking up a delectable series of dishes that boast a variety of fresh produce. In the second episode, Chef Raymond creates an elegant gooseberry cheesecake, topped with a green gooseberry jelly, and served with a red gooseberry compote. A delicate Italian meringue is a key ingredient to the dessert. To make the meringue, hot sugar syrup must be heated to 121 degrees. Chef Raymond utilises the Comark Pocketherm 125 to carefully check the temperature before moving on to the next step. Professional chefs turn to the Comark Pocketherm 125 for quick checks … Read more

Cloud data storage from Comark

Comark Instruments Launches New Cloud Service and Tamper-Proof Data Recorder to Enhance Food Temperature Safety

Comark Instruments is continuing its commitment to raise the standards in food safety with the launch of the new Comark Cloud online data storage system and HACCP Touch tamper-proof data recorder. “Comark has been a global leader in providing high-quality precision thermometers, data loggers and monitoring solutions for more than 50 years,” says Ian Wilcock, general manager of Comark Instruments. “The introduction of Comark Cloud wireless storage system and HACCP Touch paperless data logger expands upon that legacy – and delivers compliant-focused capabilities help automate and optimise many manual procedures while simultaneously improving product and consumer safety.” “Our new products bring new levels of safety and efficiency to any number of food-service operations,” says Michael Hall, product marketing director for Comark Instruments. “Cloud-based technology continues to bring about new levels of security and expanded capabilities to the industry, while customisable … Read more

RF542 Remote Temperature Monitor

Temperature Data Network Logger with Alarms

The Comark RF542 temperature data monitor collects real-time temperature data via Ethernet connection on to the existing local area network (LAN). These LAN temperature data monitors can be used in conjunction with Comark’s RF500 Wireless Monitoring Range to extend the flexibility of the system even further with a mix of wireless and network data collection. Alternatively, for operations with several small remote sites, each site can be monitored with data transmitted via the LAN to an RF500 Gateway to provide full reporting and alarms on temperature data at a central location without the need for a full wireless system. RF542 can monitor two temperature points from up to 64 different locations using one Comark RF500A Gateway! The range of temperature sensors further extends flexibility with duplex probe models enabling two points of external monitoring from one device. All RF500 data collection models are programmed via an RF500A Gateway … Read more

NHSBT contract for temperature monitoring

Contract with NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and Comark Instruments have entered into a 2 year framework agreement to supply all NHSBT sites in the UK with the N2011 and N2014 loggers from Comark’s Diligence EV range.  Probes and UKAS calibration are also supplied as part of the contract.   There is an option to extend the agreement for two further 1 year periods. In total there are 70 sites in England and a further 20 across Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland, although the NHSBT contract only covers the sites in England and mirrors the terms in place in Wales. Using the N Series loggers and probes, NHSBT sites are able to measure and monitor fridge and freezer temperatures at ambient and low range.  Liquid Nitrogen stocks can also be monitored. The flexible programming of the Evolution Software package allows different alarm temperature … Read more

Comark UKAS Lab

Comark UKAS Calibration and Certification Service

Accuracy with Confidence All good companies and organizations strive towards continuous improvement in the quality of their products and services.  As part of that quality assurance, regular, accurate calibration of instruments is vital, both as a way of maintaining quality standards and to demonstrate to regulatory bodies and customers alike that adequate safe guards are in force.  Calibration and certification through a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) laboratory, is the best way to provide that confidence. For calibration certificates to be officially recognized, and to support conformance to UK and international standards, they must be issued by a UKAS accredited laboratory.  UKAS is the UK body that ensures that accredited organization confirm with international standards and is a member of EA (European Co-operation for Accreditation of Laboratories), the organization that works to achieve a uniform approach to laboratory accreditation throughout … Read more

USDA reccomends Comark Wireless

USDA Approves Comark RF500 Wireless System for use in Cold Treatment

The Comark RF500 Wireless Temperature Monitoring System is approved by the USDA’s Treatment Quality Assurance Unit for use in data collection for Cold Treatment of imported produce. To prevent introduction of Mediterranean fruit flies, Asian longhorned beetles, and other such pests into the United States, all imported produce must be quarantined and processed according to standards set by USDA. The “CT” or Cold Treatment process, is one of such treatments being monitored by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant Protection and Quarantine, and the Center for Plant Health Science and Technology  (APHIS, PPQ, CPHST). The process involves holding of produce at a set temperature range for a specified time window. The USDA specifies instrument accuracy and data collection qualifications for equipment used to document that the Cold Treatment procedure has been completed accurately.  They test, approve, and publish … Read more