Legionnaires’ Disease – Managing the Risks

Legionnaires’ disease has been in news headlines once again following a deadly outbreak in the south-west of Edinburgh.

Although the source of the bug had not been identified, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) served an improvement notice on a company for alleged failures to adequately control the risk of legionella in a cooling tower.

Given the right conditions, Legionella bacteria can grow in any workplace and the Health and Safety Commissions L8 Regulations detail the management required to reduce the risk. If you have responsibility for the management of water systems at your facility, Comark has products that will make that task easier.

N5001_02_SQ_4650_300dpiComark’s N5001 Auditor is a hand held instrument for logging, monitoring and managing data. Specifically designed for use in HACCP, due diligence and health and safety systems, the instrument can be programmed for almost any task or checks.

Use to check supply and return temperatures on each loop, manage cleaning regimes or any task required by your risk assessment. Special L8 software programs are available and once programmed, Auditor can measure the run time period for hot and cold water taps and take temperature measurements after the correct delay.

BioCote’s silver technology is incorporated into the instrument case and probe handles at the time of manufacture and the antimicrobial finish inhibits the growth of bacteria, further reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infection in the environment.

Alternatively, the N2014 Data Logger can be used to commission hot water systems and is ideal for checking the supply and return loop temperatures. The logger is supplied with free software and is a simple way to access stored temperature data for reporting.

For manual temperature check in situ is the KM330 thermometer which comes with a rubber boot and with a type K thermocouple has an upper measurement range of 1300°C.

Further information regarding Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease can be found on the HSE website.