Igloo invests in Comark’s RF500 Wireless Monitoring

Igloo Thermo Logistics was established with the goal of making emergency medical transport services and pharmaceutical deliveries more efficient and reliable than ever before.

As part of their ongoing service commitment to customers they have invested in wireless temperature monitoring for their refrigerated storage facilities, installing the RF500 system from Comark Instruments at their depot in Watford, further complementing the live temperature tracking of their vehicles.

Temperature data is collected and stored via a network of remote sensors and probes allowing for round the clock monitoring, with alarm notifications in the event of a temperature deviation and automatic data retrieval in the event of power failure to safeguard against data loss.

Alistair Turner, CEO at Igloo explains: “We are very pleased with the Comark RF500 Wireless Monitoring System.  It has meant our customers are safe in the knowledge products are stored in optimum conditions and the team at Igloo has peace of mind knowing that temperature data is collected automatically, 24 hours a day, without the human component inherent in manual readings.  The range of alarm notifications in place further removes the risk to temperature sensitive pharmaceutical stocks.”

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