Happy Halloween – Celebrate safely with these tips from Comark Instruments

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Autumn can be quite busy from the holiday excitement, but don’t forget to keep food safety in mind.

Make sure that costumes and decorations are the only things scary about your Halloween celebrations:


  • No matter how good it looks, avoid eating raw cookie dough or cake batter. The uncooked eggs in the dough may contain harmful bacteria, such as Salmonella.
  • If bobbing for apples is a must at your Halloween party, be sure to thoroughly rinse the apples under cool running water beforehand to reduce the amount of bacteria that might be present.
  • Protect party foods from bacteria by keeping all perishable foods chilled until serving time. Some examples of foods to watch out for include finger sandwiches, cheese platters, fruit or tossed salads, poultry or seafood and cream pies or cakes with whipped-cream and cream-cheese frostings.


It’s also important to make sure that your refrigerator is at the proper temperature to safely store all of your perishable party treats. For optimal refrigeration, your appliance should always be kept between +0.5°C and +4.5°C.

Not sure how to properly monitor your appliance’s temperature?

Comark Instruments has an answer!

Fridge thermometers are the best way of knowing if any temperatures showing on your appliances are accurate. Products such as Comark’s digital refrigerator thermometer are an easy way to ensure that your appliance’s temperature stays within the safe range.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to have the scariest (and safest) celebration yet.

Happy Halloween!

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