Comark’s C12 Thermometer on Celebrity MasterChef

It’s always exciting to see our products being used and this week’s spot was no exception.  One of our eagle-eyed staff members spotted the C12 HACCP Thermometer being used to check meat temperatures on Celebrity MasterChef.

This handy thermometer was seen in action at Smith & Wollensky, the iconic American fine dining steakhouse in London, being used to check cooked meat temperatures.  Comark’s C12 HACCP Thermometer can be used for core food checks to make sure that safe minimum internal temperatures have been reached to avoid food poisoning.  It is a great choice for any kitchen and perfect for catering, food service and other food uses.

If you are a budding MasterChef, you might be interested to know that the C12 HACCP thermometer is supplied complete with a penetration probe for core food temperature measurements and an air probe for measuring ambient temperatures.  It is ready to go straight out of the box.

The thermometer is supplied with color coded labels for use in high risk areas where color coding is used to identify the risks from cross-contamination.  To incorporate into your HACCP plan for example, use red for raw meat, green for fruits and vegetables or yellow for poultry.  Just choose from one of five colours[/isnt_usa colors supplied with your thermometer.

The ergonomic case is comfortable to hold and has a rubber boot incorporated into the design for added protection.  Comark uses BioCote® in our instrument cases to provide an important extra level of surface protection against cross-contamination.  BioCote® the only antimicrobial solution to be awarded HACCP International Certification.

With simple, single button on/off operation and a one year warranty, it is no surprise that a MasterChef would use one!

If you want to try one out, there are plenty of recipes on the MasterChef website to keep you busy or you could grab yourself a coffee and watch some of the MasterChef funny moments.