Comark UKAS Calibration and Certification Service

Accuracy with Confidence

All good companies and organizations strive towards continuous improvement in the quality of their products and services.  As part of that quality assurance, regular, accurate calibration of instruments is vital, both as a way of maintaining quality standards and to demonstrate to regulatory bodies and customers alike that adequate safe guards are in force.  Calibration and certification through a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) laboratory, is the best way to provide that confidence.

For calibration certificates to be officially recognized, and to support conformance to UK and international standards, they must be issued by a UKAS accredited laboratory.  UKAS is the UK body that ensures that accredited organization confirm with international standards and is a member of EA (European Co-operation for Accreditation of Laboratories), the organization that works to achieve a uniform approach to laboratory accreditation throughout Europe.  These agreements ensure that UKAS certificates are recognized throughout the world.

The Comark UKAS laboratory demonstrates a full commitment to quality and a UKAS certificate is the only positive proof that instruments have been calibrated to national approved standards.

Calibration is to very low uncertainties over the impressively wide temperature measurement range of -70°C to +1100°C.  The Comark UKAS laboratory can also supply certification for humidity.

If you have built-in monitoring systems, we can even send one of our trained engineers on-site to undertake UKAS certification for temperature so disruption to your working day is kept to a minimum.