Comark Instruments Launches New Cloud Service and Tamper-Proof Data Recorder to Enhance Food Temperature Safety

Comark Instruments is continuing its commitment to raise the standards in food safety with the launch of the new Comark Cloud online data storage system and HACCP Touch tamper-proof data recorder.

“Comark has been a global leader in providing high-quality precision thermometers, data loggers and monitoring solutions for more than 50 years,” says Ian Wilcock, general manager of Comark Instruments. “The introduction of Comark Cloud wireless storage system and HACCP Touch paperless data logger expands upon that legacy – and delivers compliant-focused capabilities help automate and optimise many manual procedures while simultaneously improving product and consumer safety.”

“Our new products bring new levels of safety and efficiency to any number of food-service operations,” says Michael Hall, product marketing director for Comark Instruments. “Cloud-based technology continues to bring about new levels of security and expanded capabilities to the industry, while customisable hand-held technology delivers both mobility and ease-of-use.”

Comark Cloud

Comark Cloud is an easy-to-use, online cloud storage solution that empowers users to securely record and access critical temperature and humidity data in one consolidated location. The solution collects and logs vital data in real time from refrigerators, freezers and other environments via Wifi connection – ensuring reports are recorded on time, every time by automating the data logging process. Additional features include:

  • Continuous, wireless temperature and humidity monitoring in food service environments to protect critical inventory and assets;
  • Multi-site reporting capabilities with access from virtually anywhere in the world with Internet connectivity;
  • Real-time alerts sent to users via emails and SMS text messaging;
  • View data via smartphone, tablet or PC in graphical and spreadsheet formats;
  • Automated record keeping that reduces labor and potential errors associated with paper reporting;
  • And more.


This hand-held data management device records product temperatures at critical moments within a food’s supply chain, including – at receiving, storage, preparation, cooking and handling. With downloadable software and specified sections for users, suppliers, products and equipment set-up, HACCP Touch data recorder helps ensure compliance tasks are designated to the proper channels in a timely manner. Its features include: 

  • Accurate readings within +/- 0.5 degrees C or +/- 1 degree F;
  • Critical control point monitoring and programmable corrective action commands when temperature falls outside specified range;
  • Paperless and highly secured tamper-proof data records;
  • Four color, resistive touch screen;
  • Storage of up to 65,000 readings in up to 100 folders for easy data retrieval;
  • T- and K-type thermocouple probe compatibility;
  • And more.

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