Comark Experts: Q&A with Product Marketing Director Michael Hall

Food safety technology is taking a more prominent role in kitchens and food processing facilities now. Handheld temperature monitoring devices and wireless data logging solutions are positioned to help food service providers take quality products to market, with customer safety as their primary ingredient.

In this interview, we talk with Michael Hall, Director of Product Marketing at Comark Instruments, about Comark’s new Bluteooth Pocketherm.

Q: How does the Bluetooth Pocketherm work to efficiently upload HACCP information?

A: The Bluetooth Pocketherm is a game changer in the temperature-monitoring industry. With Bluetooth pairing capabilities, this thermometer pairs with the Comark Checks app on a smart device to log temperature data. The fast and easy technique transfers from thermometer to smart device in a matter of seconds. This speeds up the data logging process all while maintaining accuracy and running a personalized HACCP plan.

Q: What are some of the Bluetooth Pocketherm features that make it stand out from the rest of the thermometers?

A: Aside from its Bluetooth pairing capabilities to smart devices, its readings are fast and accurate within +/- 0.5 degrees C or +/- 1 degree F. Its fold out probe of 1.5mm helps users get the best angle to take measurements. Additional features include being waterproof to IP65, 1000-hour battery life and automatic shut off when it is not in use. Ultimately, the Bluetooth Pocketherm is for busy professionals on-the-go. It is touch sensitive, meaning the user can still operate the Bluetooth Pocketherm while wearing latex gloves. And like all our top selling products, it has BioCote Antimicrobial Protection to reduce hygiene risks.

Q: Can the Bluetooth Pocketherm be used as a regular thermometer?

A: Yes. If you ever need to take a fast temperature measurement, the Bluetooth Pocketherm can act as a regular thermometer.

Q: How does the Comark Kitchen Checks app work with the Bluetooth Pocketherm to upload information?

A: The new Comark Kitchen Checks app works specifically with your personalized HACCP plan to upload information electronically via our new Bluetooth Pocketherm. The convenience of Comark Kitchen Checks is having all data in one area – keeping organisation and food safety at the highest level.

Q: What additional features does Comark Kitchen Checks include?

A: Comark Kitchen Checks increases accuracy, reduces time and maintains food safety. In addition to an easy self-setup of users’ HACCP plans, data is also automatically uploaded to the Comark Cloud. This reduces time and error used with traditional paper logging, giving busy professionals more time to dedicate to the kitchen.

Q: Which food safety functions does Comark Kitchen Checks perform?

A: Comark Kitchen Checks performs cooking temperatures, reheat, cold and hot holding, receiving and cleaning checks, equipment temp checks, cook to cooling, hot hold to cooling and probe calibration checks.

Q: Where is the Comark Kitchen Checks app available for download and how much does it cost?

A: The app is available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores and is free of charge. Once a user buys a Bluetooth Pocketherm, they can download the Comark Kitchen Checks app and maintain their HACCP information and temperature data in one location – making the process simpler than ever before.

Q: What is the Kitchen Checks PRO approach and how will it improve the process of HACCP recording?

A: Kitchen Checks PRO is specifically designed to cater to personalized HACCP plans. It encompasses the Bluetooth Pocketherm Thermometer, the Comark Kitchen Checks app and the Kitchen Checks Dashboard. As temperature measurements transfer from Bluetooth Pocketherm to Comark Checks app, managers can view the dashboard and see data in real-time. Up to three Pocketherm thermometers can be added to the Checks Dashboard.

Q: How does the Bluetooth aspect of the Kitchen Checks PRO approach enhance the data logging process?

A: Any busy professional in this industry wants more time with minimal mistakes. The Bluetooth aspect of Kitchen Checks PRO enables users to ditch the paper method and experience a revolutionary way to log their data without the worries of error. In addition, the Kitchen Checks Dashboard updates with data immediately – giving managers the ability to see information faster than if recorded by hand.