Comark Adds a ‘Touch’™ of Smart Technology to Improve Food Safety

HACCP Touch at Hotelympia

See it in action at Hotelympia

Potential danger is hiding as food makes the journey to your customer.

That’s why Comark Instruments recently introduced the new HACCP Touch, an easy and cost-effective system for hoteliers and food service professionals to collect, record and store daily temperatures of critical items as they are received, stored, prepped, cooked and held.  You’ll be able to see it in action at Hotelympia.

The tamper-proof HACCP Touch even captures corrective actions that are taken when food temperatures are found to be outside of approved safe zones.

Comark will be at Hotelympia from 29th February to 3rd March 2016.

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You’ll also see a wide choice of products designed to support the best HACCP practice – from simple pocket thermometers through to the more sophisticated RF300 WiFi Data Logging System for automatic 24/7 monitoring of all critical control points. You’ll also find digital thermometers, dials, infra red instruments – in fact everything you need for food temperature safety, whether you’re cooking, holding, storing or freezing.


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