Checklist Day: Four Steps to a Safe and Paperless Kitchen

The paperless kitchen is the modern choice for ensuring that compliance standards are met, and maintaining a safe kitchen – free from food-borne illness. In honor of Checklist Day – a holiday dating back to the 1930s when pilots fist began implementing a safety checklist prior to taxiing down the runway – Comark is providing a list of how, by incorporating the HAACP Touch HT100, chefs can rest assured their dishes meet compliance and food safety standards.

Before you begin to prepare the day’s meals, check data recorded by the HAACP Touch.

It collects, records and stores daily temperatures of items. This paperless data management tool simplifies and automates the important daily steps that can lead to food-safety disaster if not properly maintained.

Check temperatures regularly.

As food moves through the cooking process – from prep to cooking and holding – use a quality food thermometer to verify your food’s temperatures stay in a safe and healthy range like 185°F for chickens, or 160°F for hamburgers. With the HAACP Touch paperless data entry system, these temperatures are accurately logged, allowing for easy reference later on.

Take corrective steps when needed.

Should a temperature logged not meet compliance and safety standards, you can rest assured that the HAACP Touch logs corrective actions taken immediately – enabling the kitchen staff to demonstrate its immediate response and commitment to food safety and public health.

Keep track of the information you store.

In addition to being HACCP compliant, HAACP Touch software program is user-friendly and intuitive. Data can be retrieved in several formats when you need it – providing you with peace of mind as you continue moving through your checklist for a food safe experience for your customers.

Learn how Comark can make your paperless kitchen dreams come true.