Brew Up The Perfect Beer Temperatures On Beer Day Britain

Beer Day Britain

What better way to celebrate Beer Day Britain on 15 June than by brewing and drinking the perfect pint?

To celebrate the national drink, many brewers will brew beer out of their homes or breweries for their friends and family to enjoy. To brew the perfect beer, it’s important it is not too hot or too cold.

When a beer is served too cold, the flavours of the beer can get masked from the chill of the beverage. If served too warm, it becomes flat-tasting from the decrease in the carbonation.

According to the Homebrewers Association, beers should be served between 3°C – 12°C/38°F – 55°F. Although depending on the type of beer, some are best served at warmer temperatures than others.

⁰C Temp ⁰F Temp Beer Type
38° Pale Lagers, Pilsners
40° Cream & Blonde Ales, Nitro Stouts, Belgian Pale Ales, Abbey Tripels
45° Wheat Beers, Lambics, Dark Lagers
47° Stouts, Porters
10° 50° British Style Barley Wine Ale
12° 53° Strong Lagers, Real & Cask Ales, Belgian Dubbels

Curious about the beer brewing process? The British Beer & Pub Association explains the step-by-step process.

So, next time you are brewing a batch of delicious beer, Comark has you covered on getting your favourite beer at the perfect temperature with our line of thermometers. We’ll cheers to that!