Laboratories come in many different guises due to the variety of differing requirements of specialists in the various fields of science and engineering.

From Medical or clinical laboratories, wet laboratories used by a chemist or biologist may use or even a physics lab containing vacuum chambers regulations still need to be adhered to and record keeping vital.



For example: A medical laboratory or clinical laboratory where tests are usually done on clinical specimens in order to gain information about the health of a patient, leading to diagnosis, treatment, and/or prevention of disease.

From running tests in a managed environment to storing perishable goods, temperature monitoring and logging is in many cases critical a labs results.

Walking into a lab and finding that a temperature controlled storage unit such as a refrigerator or freezer has failed overnight and put precious samples, specimens, tissues, or products is a lab managers worst nightmare.

 The following product ranges are recommended for this Market:


 C26 Industrial Thermometer

Industrial Thermometers

Building on the platform laid down by our Food Thermometers, Comark has a range of rugged Thermometers for all your Industrial Applications.

Use Comark Industrial Thermometers and Temperature Probes for a range of applications which include scientific research, pharmaceuticals, public health, horticulture, building management, manufacturing, H & V and refrigeration.

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Plug and play wireless temperature monitoring

Data Logging Solutions & Monitoring Systems

Comark offers a range of solutions for logging data, from small battery-operated Data Loggers to Professionally Installed Monitoring Systems. Find out more and see which solution works best for your needs.

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