Regardless of the type of hospital, specialist or general, public health and the dedication to providing patients with treatment with specialised staff and equipment is at the heart of the organisation.

Maintaining and monitoring conditions of hospital refrigerators, freezers and temperature storage areas for vaccines, tissue banks, blood samples and other biological samples is legislation set by the MHRA. As well as this the MHRA requires that 10 years of records of this monitoring must be kept and available for inspection.

Monitoring the conditions of hospital storage solutions must be a priority for healthcare providers as the risk of failure to a unit can be costly in more ways than one. An undetected failure puts public health at risk and can have huge financial costs.

Solutions that help maintain the ideal conditions for storing samples and vaccines, alerting when there is a failure ensures that medical professionals stay on top of the government-mandated logging requirements.

The following product ranges are recommended for this Market:

 C26 Industrial Thermometer

Industrial Thermometers

Building on the platform laid down by our Food Thermometers, Comark has a range of rugged Thermometers for all your Industrial Applications.

Use Comark Industrial Thermometers and Temperature Probes for a range of applications which include scientific research, pharmaceuticals, public health, horticulture, building management, manufacturing, H & V and refrigeration.

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RF300 WiFi Monitoring System

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

Comark offers a range of static wireless temperature monitoring solutions for logging both temperature and also humidity data, from small battery-operated data loggers to professionally installed wireless temperature monitoring systems. Find out more and see which solution works best for your needs.

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