The British Retail Consortium (BRC) works to make sure food policy is given sufficient importance.

 It works with  Government so that policy is co-ordinated between the various departments that have a responsibility for food issues.  It also supports the work of retailers working with suppliers and consumers through the supply chain.

As part of this commitment, the BRC Global Standard helps customers have confidence in the management of the food supply chain, whether a supplier is a national or global concern.  It is recognised by thousands of customers worldwide, and has certificated over 18,000 suppliers in over 100 countries around the globe. It was also the first Food Safety Standard to be bench-marked by the GFSI.

By improving food safety, the BRC Standard can help suppliers reduce waste and reduce the number of customer complaints, product recalls and rejected products.

Companies who are BRC accredited are subject to audits that are conducted by a global network of highly trained certification bodies.  These checks confirm the Standard is stringently maintained and that there is consistency worldwide with standardised audit reports.

Many of the regulated food businesses within this supply chain will use HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

This is a safety methodology employed within food and related industries to ensure that there are standard operating procedures operating that cover how food is handled throughout production so that the end product is safe to eat.

These businesses will have visits from enforcement officers such as environmental health staff who will check that the business has an appropriate HACCP-based food safety management system in place.  During their visit they will check that the staff have correctly followed the procedures and that appropriate records have been retained.

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