Comark Instruments are experts in temperature and humidity monitoring and with over 50 years experience of manufacturing measuring instruments, the company has an extensive understanding of its markets.

Formed in 1961, Comark manufactured the first of many of its electronic measuring instruments in 1963. The Company rapidly expanded and has seen some revolutionary instruments being developed to benefit a variety of markets.

As experts in temperature, we provide products and monitoring solutions to the food industry that aid compliance with HACCP regulations and due diligence procedures, helping to improve product safety to customers, eliminate risk and reduce cost in the supply chain.

Food Catering/Retail/Service


Foodservice operators are more aware of food safety than ever before.  Growing awareness of safety scares and food waste issues, along with the compliance requirements of strict regulations, has spurred those operating in the food industry to find solutions and strategies that ensure the safety of its products.

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Food Processing and Manufacturing

Food Processing

Comark’s understanding of the food processing environment and also the temperature monitoring requirements throughout the production cycle, mean that our instruments are designed with the demands of the busy food manufacturer in mind.

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Food Storage and Distribution

Food Distribution & Storage

Manufacturers and producers require a supply chain operation that runs smoothly to ensure they can meet the requirements of their customers, getting perfect products delivered in excellent condition.

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