Why does my Transmitter flash the antenna symbol three times when Activator used?

On occasion you may find that one of your RF51x Transmitters will not communicate with your RF500 System Gateway device and when you attempt to ‘provoke’ the Transmitter using the RF525 Transmitter Activator, the small ‘antenna’ symbol (shown below) just flashes three times.


This will potentially happen if the Transmitter in question believes that it is a Meshing (or Backbone) Unit. In which case, it will not communicate with the Gateway unless it is connected to an external Power Supply Unit (RF520).


Ensure that the RF520 Power Supply Unit is connected to the Transmitter and powered on, then try to ‘provoke’ the Transmitter once more, using the RF525 Transmitter Activator.

If the Transmitter is not meant to be a Meshing or Backbone Unit then ensure that it is not set to be a ‘Backbone’ Unit on the Gateway.

Confirm that this change has gone through on the Gateway before removing power from the Transmitter and re-installing.