Why did my Transmitter start a new data period?

New periods are usually created for the following reasons:

  • Transmitter Clock Change
  • Transmitter Battery Change
  • Completion of Transmitter Task and Data Retrieve

On completion of any of the above your Transmitters will start a new period of data. Typically no data will be lost during this process.

If however, your Transmitter is automatically creating multiple periods it could be faulty. We would suggest that you re-task the Transmitter in question initially to see if this helps.

To re-task a Transmitter, simply log on to the Gateway, locate the relevant Transmitter on the Homepage and click on the Summary Graph. Once on the ‘Summary’ page, click the ‘Task’ icon. You should double-check the settings for the task, before clicking on ‘Program Task’ (or ‘Program’).

Please allow up to half an hour for the Task to be successfully sent to the Transmitter, assuming a 15 minute radio rate. If required, you can speed the process up by ‘provoking’ the Transmitter using an RF525 Transmitter Activator.

If the Transmitter in question is an RF516 PT100 Wireless Temperature Transmitter we would recommend that you ensure that the firmware version of the device is version 2.4.2 or higher.

Should the problem continue, then please contact us so that we can look into the issue further for you.