How do I upgrade the Software of my RF500 Gateway Device?

The following instructions are designed to assist you, should you wish to upgrade the Software of your RF500A/RF500AP Gateway Device or the RF500 Backup Server Software (if applicable).

Before you start

In order to perform the upgrade you must be logged on to your PC as an Administrator. The update process will only take a few minutes from start to finish. However please be aware that your system could take a couple of hours for the transmitters to recover communication. Therefore you may choose to perform this update overnight, hence by the following morning the system will be back to normal.

During the update process and for the short time afterwards although no data will be lost, the Gateway will not be up to date and therefore alarms may be missed during this time. If there are other people logging on to the Gateway from other locations it is a good idea to let them know that the Gateway will not be available for a few minutes.

Also if the Gateway is not local to you when performing the Update it will beep a number a times during the update process so local users should be made aware that this is OK.

What if my system is Validated?

If your RF500 system is validated by means of IQ OQ PQ, then you are advised to satisfy yourself what further re-validaiton of the system might be necessary before performing the upgrade. You may choose therefore, not to perform the upgrade. However, under certain circumstances Comark will advise that the update is necessary and therefore an amount of re-validation will be inevitable to maintain the health of the system. If in doubt please contact Comark for more information.

Ready to update?

Log on to the Gateway as an Administrator and navigate to Upgrade Firmware page by selecting Administration and then Upgrade Firmware buttons. This will bring up the firmware update page…



The latest version of the RF500 System Gateway software is available here.