Transmitters show ‘No signal’

On occasion you may appear to suffer ‘signal loss’ between your Gateway device and your Transmitters. Initially, you should confirm that there are no ‘Low Battery’ warnings showing for your Transmitters on your Gateway Device.

Transmitters show ‘No signal’ when they have been continuously out of contact with the Gateway for a duration of 5 times the radio rate or a minimum of 1 hour. For the standard radio rate of 15 minutes, this amounts to approximately 1 hour 15 minutes before a ‘No signal’ is flagged. In that time, the Gateway has determined that it has not received a valid signal/data packet from the Transmitter.

The table below details some basic troubleshooting, should you encounter this issue:

What to look for Remedy
Are other transmitters indicating ‘No Signal’ If yes, then check the Audit Trail for ‘RF Network Reset’ messages. These are normal. Transmitters will re-connect automatically and there is no reason for alarm.
Has the Gateway reset? This will cause Transmitters to drop off the Gateway, but they will quickly re-connect
Is it just one or two Transmitters? Then the issue could be related to the location of these Transmitters and or the Meshing Units supporting them in the mesh network. Go and visit the Transmitters and check to see that all is well with the local Meshing Units. You should also ensure that the Antenna of the affected Transmitter(s) is securely connected and is set to an upright position.
Have they got flat battery warnings? Change the battery as soon as possible