Why does my Transmitter display ‘COdE 300’?


Your RF5xx Transmitter displays message ‘COdE 300’ on the LCD screen, similar to that shown here. This code is only seen on RF5xx Transmitters with Firmware Version 3.0.0 or higher.



This ‘COdE 300’ indicates a combination of two user repairable faults with the Transmitter.

  • (COdE 100) – The Date/Time have not been set on this device
  • (COdE 200) – The EEPROM Area 1 Checksum has failed


To resolve both issues simultaneously, you will simply need to re-task the device.  Unfortunately, if your Transmitter hasn’t sent any data since going into the error state, then that data will be lost when the unit is re-tasked.

To re-task a Transmitter, simply log on to the Gateway, locate the relevant Transmitter on the Homepage and click on the Summary Graph. Once on the ‘Summary’ page, click the ‘Task’ icon. You should double-check the settings for the task, before clicking on ‘Program Task’ (or ‘Program’).

Please allow up to half an hour for the Task to be successfully sent to the Transmitter, assuming a 15 minute radio rate. If required, you can speed the process up by ‘provoking’ the Transmitter using an RF525 Transmitter Activator.

If a ‘COdE 200’ or ‘COdE 300’ message persists, even after re-tasking the Transmitter, then you should look to have it serviced.


Additional Fault Codes

On occasion, your ‘COdE 300’ message may be appended by an additional ‘Fault’ code. If you are seeing a fault message, ending in either a 1, 2, 4 or an 8, then the above will still apply, but you should refer to the Knowledge Base articles for that Fault references as well;