Why does my Transmitter display ‘COdE 1100’?


Your RF5xx Transmitter displays message ‘COdE 1100’ on the LCD screen, similar to that shown here. This code is only seen on RF5xx Transmitters with Firmware Version 3.0.0 or higher.



This ‘COdE 1100’ indicates a combination of two user repairable faults with the Transmitter.

  • (COdE 100) – The Date/Time have not been set
  • (COdE 1000) – The battery is nearly flat


The overriding condition here is the (virtually) flat Battery indicated for this Transmitter and so it should be replaced immediately, before other troubleshooting is undertaken. Firstly, remove the old battery and allow the LCD on the Transmitter to clear/blank, before inserting the new battery. We would recommend that when inserting the new battery, that you place the battery into the holder and snap it into place in one quick movement. The LCD on the Transmitter should then go through a start up process, first showing a checksum, before starting normally.

The Transmitter will display a ‘COdE 100’ message after start-up. This is simply indicating that the Transmitter does not have the correct Date/Time. Either you can simply wait for the Transmitter to receive the correct date and time, from the Gateway to which it is assigned or, you can speed the process up by ‘provoking’ the Transmitter using an RF525 Transmitter Activator.


Additional Fault Codes

On occasion, your ‘COdE 1100’ message may be appended by an additional ‘Fault’ code. If you are seeing a fault message, ending in either a 1, 2, 4 or an 8, then the above will still apply, but you should refer to the Knowledge Base articles for that Fault references as well;