Why am I seeing a ‘Fault’ on my Transmitter ending in ‘4’?


This article applies to you if your Transmitter displays a ‘Fault’ message on the LCD screen, similar to that shown here.


The actual ‘Fault’ message displayed may vary in its full reference i.e. could be ‘Fault 1504’ but regardless of which message combination you have, if the ‘Fault’ ends in a ‘4’ then the following information will apply.


This ‘Fault’ relates to an issue with the Radio or Network Module of the device.



Unfortunately this is not generally a user repairable fault. You could initially try removing the battery from the Transmitter, waiting one minute and then replacing it. If the ‘Fault’ persists, then the Transmitter(s) in question will need to be returned to our Service Department for repair.

Please click here for a copy of the Service Form which you will need to complete and include with any Transmitter(s) that you wish to return to the Service Department of Comark Instruments.

This article refers to a Fault message seen on Transmitters with Firmware Version 3.0.0 or higher. The following full fault messages are covered by this article: 
004,104,204,304,404,504,604,704,804,904,A04,B04,C04,D04,E04,F04,1004,1104,1204,1304,1404,1504,1604,1704,1804,1904,1A04, 1B04,1C04,1D04,1E04,1F04