RF5xx Transmitter Fault Messages (FAULt) Explained

Under certain conditions your RF51x Transmitter might display a Fault Message on the LCD screen which takes the form of the word ‘FAULt’ followed by either a 3- or 4-digit alphanumeric sequence. These Fault Messages are alerting you to a failure of some kind within the device.


A ‘FAULt’ based message is only seen on RF5xx Transmitters with Firmware Version 3.0.0 or higher.

It is worth noting that Fault Messages generally cannot be resolved by the user. For detailed information on the particular Fault Message that your RF5xx Transmitter is displaying, please select the appropriate variant from those listed below:



This article refers to a Fault message seen on Transmitters with Firmware Version 3.0.0 or higher. The following full fault messages are covered by this article: 

001,101,201,301,401,501,601,701,801,901,A01,B01,C01,D01,E01,F01,1001,1101,1201,1301,1401,1501,1601,1701,1801,1901,1A01, 1B01,1C01,1D01,1E01,1F01,002,102,202,302,402,502,602,702,802,902,A02,B02,C02,D02,E02,F02,1002,1102,1202,1302,1402,1502,1602,1702,1802,1902,1A02, 1B02,1C02,1D02,1E02,1F02,004,104,204,304,404,504,604,704,804,904,A04,B04,C04,D04,E04,F04,1004,1104,1204,1304,1404,1504,1604,1704,1804,1904,1A04, 1B04,1C04,1D04,1E04,1F04,008,108,208,308,408,508,608,708,808,908,A08,B08,C08,D08,E08,F08,1008,1108,1208,1308,1408,1508,1608,1708,1808,1908,1A08, 1B08,1C08,1D08,1E08,1F08