RF500A QSG – Gateway User Filter for Comark RF500A Issue M9

My Filter

My Filter allows each user to set his/her own preferences for the displayed information on the Gateway. Any changes made in the My Filter dialogue will be automatically saved as your user preferences. Every time you log in the Gateway, your personal preferences will take effect.

To change My Filter, log into the Gateway and hover over your username, top left, and then click on My Filter, to be presented with this dialogue…


Figure 1 – My Filter

The My Filter dialogue is split into two areas…


1. Alarm Groups List

It is possible to select ‘Show All’ Alarm Groups, as above. Or if the box is un-ticked then you can choose which Alarm Groups you wish to view, subject to the Alarm Groups selected when you were first setup on the Gateway. See Adding New User for more details.

When the box is unticked this is the view you will get…..


Figure 2 – Setting Alarm Groups


To select Alarm Groups, simply tick the relevant boxes.

2. Filter Options

Filter Options are by the following determinants….

Transmitter List Order

  • Alphabetical – Transmitters will be listed in alphabetical order by their Task Description?
  • Model – Transmitters will be listed by Model
  • Date – Transmitters will be listed by Date order (Date refers to the Date when the Transmitter was added to the system)
  • Alarm Group – Transmitters will be listed in Alarm Group Order as per the selection above.
  • Reverse – Transmitter order as selected above will be reversed.

Model Type

Select the Transmitter types you wish to be shown.

Filter Actions

  • Show Active – Show all Transmitters current active on the Gateway
  • Show Removed – Show all Transmitters currently set as removed from the system
  • Show Backbone – Show all Transmitters currently designated as Backbone

To save and exit, click Save, and to exit without saving click Close


InfoIconWhen the settings in My Filter cause the RAG View or List View to exclude any active transmitters from the view, a warning message will be displayed on the Home Page.

InformationIconConsider setting up ‘other’ Users for specific filters so that you do not need to keep re-visiting My Filter