RF500A QSG – Gateway Transmitter Management for Comark RF500A Issue M9

Transmitter Management

Transmitter Management in M9 has been completely re-designed to provide the Administrators of the system better visibility of the Transmitters on the system and their current status.

Transmitter Management is split into three perspectives…

1. Adjust

Adjust is your main go to page for Transmitter Management on a Day-to-Day basis. Here you can Add/Remove Transmitters, ask for Task and Data Retrieve as well as change the Radio Rate, Registered Alarm Group, Default Repeat Alarm Period, set to backbone and turn off the LCD.


Figure 1 – Transmitter Adjust

There are Action buttons for Add New, Unregister (Remove), Task (and Data) Retrieve and to reload the page with the latest information.

There are no Action buttons for changing Radio Rate, Registered Alarm Group, Default Repeat Alarm Period, toggling Backbone or the LCD as all of these actions will simply be action when you have made the change the next time the Transmitter contacts the Gateway.

2. Firmware

Firmware is the go to page when Transmitters are due a firmware upgrade.


Figure 2 – Transmitter Firmware

Here there are action buttons to Update Transmitter Firmware and to update the Radio Firmware.

There is an additional File Version Action Button which will bring up this view to show the current firmware versions and allow you to upload more up to date files from Comark.


Figure 3 – Firmware Versions

3. Diagnostic

Diagnostic View is included for Comark Service to diagnose faults/issues with the Transmitters and is included here just for completeness.


Figure 4 – Diagnostic View