RF500A QSG – Gateway RAG View for Comark RF500A Issue M9

RAG View

The RF500 Gateway RAG (Red Amber Green) View is designed to provide the user an ‘at-a-glance’ view of the current status of the system.

The RAG View is the default landing page after Gateway login.

Once logged in you can navigate back to the RAG View simply by clicking on the RAG View tab.

RAG View

Figure 1 – RAG View

The RAG View display is dependent on your personal filter, see My Filter for more details.


A location highlighted RED means that the Alarm Group has active Unacknowledged Alarms.
A location highlighted AMBER means that the Alarm Group has active Acknowledged Alarms or other warnings (e.g. low or flat Battery)
A location highlighted GREEN means that the Alarm Group has nothing to report.

Hover Text

The RAG View has relevant Hover Text for each Alarm Group.
Simply hover the mouse over one of the locations to get a summary of the Alarm Group Status.

List View Filter

By clicking on the Alarm Group you will be directed to the List View Tab, which is filtered to show this Location Only.

Click here for information on the List View.