RF500A QSG – Gateway Mail Server Setup for Comark RF500A Issue M9

Mail Server Setup

Usually your IT Department will provide the information for this section and whether a customer from address is required. However if you are using an Internet Server Provider’s (ISPs) mail server or web E-Mail service you will find the information required on that Company’s support web pages.

Due to the proliferation of E-Mail spam, many USA based ISP’s companies and also web-based E-=Mail services such as Google and Yahoo require user authentication before allowing E-Mails to be sent using their servers. The authentication is typically performed using SSL encryption which is configured as shown below.

InfoIconIf a Yahoo! Mail or Google Mail account is used solely for RF500 e-mails then you should regularly log into the account using a web browser otherwise these organizations suspect that the account is dormant and suspend it.

In order to enter the Mail Server Details, you must first log in as an Administrator. Then from the blue banner at the top of the page, select Administration – System Settings – Mail System, see below…


Mail System


 That will open the following dialogue box…..


Mail Server Setup


Entering the Mail Server Settings can be done in two ways. Firstly you can manually enter the settings, or secondly you can select one of the preset configurations. The default configuration when you open this dialogue will be the Current Settings.


Use the drop down to select either Yahoo! or Gmail. The SMTP and Port Number will be auto-filled. Both Gmail and Yahoo required SSL/TLS certification. Please now enter your Username and Password into the boxes provided.


Enter the SMTP Server as a name, e.g. smtp.gmail.com or as an IP address e.g.

Enter the Port as a number, e.g. 587

Click on Save to save and exit, or Close to exit without saving.


Advanced Tab

Click on the Advanced Tab to bring up this dialogue….

Advanced E-Mail Server Setup
The advanced tab allows for a number of different actions.

Mail Server From Address

RF500 uses the following default E-Mail address ‘RF500 Gateway [email protected]’. However in some circumstances the from e-mail address can be ignored by the mail server as it appears not to eliminate from inside the network and could therefore be considered as spam e-mail. In this event either set the from address to your own E-Mail address (RF500 E-Mails will appear to come from you) or set the from E-Mail to something more recognizable, e.g. [email protected]

Mail Queue

The Mail Queue, is as the name suggests, is the queue of e-mails waiting to be sent from the Gateway. The E-Mail queue can be cleared by selecting ClearQueue button and then OK to confirm.


The diagnostics button is useful when trying to understand why E-Mails or SMS’s are not being sent from the Gateway. Click on Show to see the current status of the last E-Mail/SMS sent.

At anytime you can click on Save to save and exit, or Close to exit without saving.