RF500A QSG – Gateway Graph Navigation for Comark RF500A Issue M9

Graph Summary

Graph Navigation

 There are seven action areas on the Graph Summary:

1. Graph Preview Slider

The Graph Preview Slider indicates what portion of the whole is displayed. The slider can be dragged left and right, to move through the graph in time. It can only slide in the preview window, therefore if the period to be graphed falls outside the current selection then the Calendar must be used to graph more data.

The size of the Graph Preview Slider can also be changed. Click on one of the handles (left or right) and drag it left or right to expand/shrink the graph.

2. Graph All

The Graph All button is simply a shortcut to graph all the data as displayed in the graph preview in the main Graph Summary Window.

If a smaller period is required then either drag and re-size the Graph Preview Slider, see above, or Drag to Zoom on the main Graph, see below.

3. Drag to Zoom

Select a start point on the graph with a single left click of the mouse, and then drag out to the required size. Release the left mouse button and the graph will automatically re-draw.

4. Cursor Line (Not shown)

Place the mouse on any part of the graph, in either the Graph Preview or the Main Graph Summary and a grey line will appear from top to bottom of the graph. This line corresponds to a point in the data, which is then displayed in the final column of Channel Control. Note: In order to see an accurate value for the reading and date/time it might be necessary to zoom further into the graph.

5. Scale Selection

The Graph has two scale options. AUTO will try to best fit the available data onto the graph view, but if you want to see a specific range of temperatures then you can. Simply enter the high and low values into the grey boxes and select Set New Scale. The graph will automatically re-draw. To revert to AUTO scales simple select AUTO Scale.

6. Channel Control

Use Channel Control to select which channels you wish to graph. By default all channels are set to on. Simple un-tick/tick the box to deselect/select channels. If a channel has been programmed with alarm values, then the Alarm box can be selected (one channel at a time), and this will display the alarm limits on the graph.

7. Move Left Right

The Left and Right arrows can be used to navigate forward or backward in time on the graph, and is useful where you wish only to make a small movement.