RF500A QSG – Gateway Audit Trail for Comark RF500A Issue M9

Audit Trail

RF500 includes a full Audit Trail for the purposes of complete record keeping complying with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11.

Click on Audit Trail TAB


System-TABS Figure 1 – System Tabs



Figure 2 – Audit Trail


The default view displays activity for the current day, sorted in descending time order. Administration of New Tasks entered are also displayed.

Audit Trails can be grouped by Date / Time, Action or User by clicking the following column headings:

Date /TimeSorts the Audit trail view in descending time order
ActionGroups the Audit Trail view by action order
UserGroups the Audit Trail view by username in the order of which users were added

The Date/Time, Action, User Grouping setting is remembered, the next time Audit Trail is clicked during the same session.

Audit Trail Filters

By default the Audit Trail will show everything, which can be quite complicated to view. So a number of pre-set filters can be selected/de-selected to filter the view.



Toggle the tick the box to select/deselect Alarms from the current view


Toggle the tick the box to select/deselect User Actions from the current view

Tx Events


Toggle the tick the box to select/deselect Transmitter Events from the current view



Toggle the tick the box to select/deselect System Events from the current view

Transmitter Filter

Use the drop down to select All Transmitters or select one individually.

Calendar ICON

Click on the Calendar ICON Calendar_ICON  to bring up a date picker to select a single date of interest or a date range for the Audit Trail

Refresh ICON

Click on the refresh ICON Re-Fresh to update the Audit Trail with the latest data.

Print ICON

Click on the PRINT ICON Print_ICON to bring up a Printer Friendly version of the Audit Trail. Click Print (ICON) to print and Close (ICON) to close and return to the Audit Trail.