RF500A QSG – Gateway Administration for Comark RF500A Issue M9

Gateway Administration

Gateway Administration in M9 has had a makeover to simplify the structure and to bring all Administration Functions under one single list.

Gateway Administration now includes these 6 Headings.

1. System Settings

Here you can change/setup the following…

  • Gateway Name
  • Gateway Time
  • Network
  • Mail System
  • Updates (Software Updates)

2. Hardware

The following options are available under Hardware

  • View Status
  • Hardware E-mail Notification
  • Switch Outputs Setup
  • Reset (Reset Gateway)
  • Shutdown (Shutdown Gateway)

3. Backup

Under Backup the following options are available

  • Request a Manual Backup
  • Setup Automatic Backup (Software and Shared Drive)
  • CSV Export
  • Restore (Restore a Blank Gateway from a Backup File. Comark Service use only)
  • Email Notification

4. Users

All User Management is done from here. Click Here to see more.

5. E-mail Recipients

E-mail Recipients for the Gateway Alarms and other notifications are setup here.

6. Alarm Groups

The new name for Locations. All Alarm Group setup is done here.