My Auditor (N5001USB) will not turn on

Sometimes it is possible for the screen contrast to reset to zero. In this case the instrument could be working OK but the screen will be blank. To check to see if the instrument is running, press the back-light key. Even if the back-light has been set to zero seconds it will still blink momentarily. If this is the case try setting the contrast by holding the back-light key down and pressing the UP arrow key to add more contrast.


If the back-light does not operate Check/Change the battery (Sometimes the Auditor is not able to warn you that the battery is low so replacing it is a quick check. Always replace both cells together and use Alkaline (Duracell or Energizer, etc.)

Perform a ‘soft reset’ of the instrument. (Remove one of the cells from the battery compartment and then wait for a few seconds before replacing. If all is well then the instrument will come up and ask to be connected to the PC. Either connect to the PC or confirm that the date and time are correct manually. It is advisable to connect the Auditor to the PC at the earliest possible time to ensure correct operation.)