My Auditor (N5001USB) has the wrong program loaded

Open the program to confirm that it is the correct one that should be loaded on your Auditor in the Auditor Group. (“File > Open an Auditor Group Program Then choose the group that is connected to your Auditor).

Check that the Auditor is in the correct Auditor Group. (“Edit > Preferences, then click on the Auditor Groups tab. Change the “Group” by dropping the box down next to the correct serial number of your Auditor)

Re-save the program to the Auditor Group. (click “File > Save as an Auditor Group Program”, then choose the group that is connected to the serial number of your Auditor).

Move the auditor serial number 00000001 to the Auditor Group that coincides with your Auditor serial number, then restart Communication (If this works then the serial number of the Auditor you are using has been lost. In this case you can continue to use it however it should be sent back to Comark for repair).