Low battery indication does not clear

The ‘Low Battery’ message on the homepage of the Gateway might not clear immediately after you have changed the battery of one of your transmitters.



When a Transmitter battery is replaced, it generates a ‘Battery Good’ event record and queues it for transmission to the Gateway. The ‘Low Battery’ message on the Homepage of the Gateway is cleared when the Gateway receives this ‘Battery Good’ record from the Transmitter. This event record is also posted to the Audit Trail as pictured below.


The Transmitter data queue could be several thousand records long and may take several hours before the ‘Battery Good’ record is sent. You can check this progress by looking for the last data on the homepage of the Transmitter. When the data is up-to-date then the ‘Low Battery’ warning should also clear.

The best way to avoid this delay is to change the battery soon after the first ‘Low Battery’ warning message is posted on the Gateway homepage. The longer the Transmitter is left in the low battery condition the longer the data record queue becomes.

Beware of re-tasking the Transmitter, because the data record queue is cleared as a result. The ‘Battery Good’ record will also be cleared and the Gateway ‘Low Battery’ message will not clear even through the Transmitter appears to be working normally.

Should this happen, then simply remove and refit the battery of the Transmitter in question, so that the Transmitter believes that a new battery has been fitted.