How do I add new users to my program?

To add new users to your Auditor program, first you need to close the Database View by selecting the ‘Close database’ icon at the top of the page.


This should then open the Program View page, where you should see the program blocks to the left.


You will need to select and double click the program block headed ‘Users’.

This will open the ‘Edit Users and Passwords’ page, where you will see a list of the current users on the software. You then need to ether add new users by selecting the next available row, or select an existing user to delete them if you wish.


You should select the ‘OK’ button to accept any changes you have made.

You will then need to save these changes to the Software by selecting ‘File’ from the top right of the menu bar.

Then when the sub-menu opens, select ‘Save as an Auditor Group Program’.


A new page will open with a list of any Auditor group programs already saved and you will need to select the group that you want to save the changes to, so that the group is highlighted. Click ‘OK’ to save your changes.