Help with finding the Firmware Version of your RF300 Data Logger

This knowledge base article will show you how to check the version of Firmware in your RF300 Diligence WiFi Data Logger.

The firmware version comprises two parts, and is usually reported as shown:



How do I find the firmware version installed in my RF300 Diligence WiFi Logger?

PC Software

You can check the firmware version when setting up your Sensor using the WiFi Sensor Software on your PC.

The full firmware version is displayed on the Network Selection screen.


  • Run the WiFi Sensor Software
  • Connect the Sensor to the PC using the USB cable supplied
  • Click on Set-Up Device, and select On This PC or On The Cloud
  • The Network Selection screen will be displayed
  • You can click Cancel if you don’t want to proceed with Set-Up



Firmware Updater Software

The Application and System Firmware versions are displayed in the Device Parameters when the device is connected.

  • Run the Firmware Update Software
  • Connect the Sensor to the PC using the USB cable supplied
  • The Sensor will be detected automatically, and the Device Parameters displayed



On the Comark Cloud

  • Sign-In to your Comark Cloud account
  • Select the Sensor on the Device
  • Click on Properties
  • The full version is displayed



On the Device

  • Press and hold the button for 10 seconds
  • When the button is released the Application Firmware version is briefly displayed