Help with Completely uninstalling the Diligence WiFi Sensor Software

This knowledge base article refers to the Comark Diligence WiFi Software

How do I completely remove the Diligence WiFi Software from my PC?

  1. Uninstall the Diligence WiFi Software ..
  • Windows XP/Vista: use Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs
  • Window 7: use Control Panel | Programs
  • Windows 8: search Programs and Features.

Locate the Diligence WiFi Software in the list and select Remove or Uninstall.


  1. Completely remove the folder Program Files\Comark\Diligence WiFi.

This might be Program Files (x86) \Comark\Diligence Wifi on some operating systems.

  1. Completely remove the folder My Documents\Diligence WiFi.

This might be Documents\Diligence WiFi on some operating systems, or ..\Diligence WiFi – Professional on some installations.

  1. Delete the file My Documents\config.wft.

This might be Documents\config.wft on some operating systems.


The software and any related data is completely removed.