General Tips for Trouble Free Use of Auditor (N5001USB)

The N5001USB HACCP Auditor is an advanced electronic tool that is ruggedly built to be used in a busy kitchen environment.  And just as people service and maintain their car, the Auditor must be taken care of regularly to ensure long lasting service. Sometimes, due to network or Windows updates, there can be glitches in the way an instrument behaves. But often there are quick, simple fixes you can perform yourself.

Follow these basic steps to ensure long trouble free operation:

  1. Keep the instrument and the rubber boot clean. Use only a damp cloth with little or no detergent.
  2. Keep your Auditor and probe clean with a clean damp towel, not soaking wet. Be careful not to stretch the probe cable when using OR cleaning it.
  3. When removing and replacing the battery cover, take care to keep the screw washer that retains the screw to the cover in place. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN THE SCREW WHEN REPLACING THE COVER.
  4. Avoid allowing food or other debris in the USB port or the Lumberg Probe port. This can cause the issues with proper USB communication with the Auditor software, and proper probe sensor readings. This is also not covered under warranty.
  5. Take great care when inserting and removing the USB cable from the Auditor USB port. USB ports are a fragile part of any electronic equipment and should be treated as such. Abused USB Ports are not covered under the warranty.
  6. Always download the Auditor to the PC at least once per day.
  7. Caution: Performing a hard reset will cause loss of data.
  8. Change the batteries regularly, once per month if not being replaced more frequently than that. Always replace both batteries at the same time and, always use good quality Alkaline batteries. When changing the batteries avoid pressing buttons on the front, and try placing the “positive” end in first. Comark does not recommend either re-chargeable batteries or Zinc Chloride.
  9. If the unit refuses to download or communicate then stop using it immediately and perform the checks listed below to diagnose the problem. If in doubt contact your IT Department or Comark.

There are several Knowledge Base Articles for Auditor/N5001USB. Please refer to these for help solving the problem you have.

If the problem cannot be fixed by trying some or all of the instructions, next seek help by calling your IT Help Desk. If the problem still persists, then we urge you to contact us, advising us of this problem.