Why is my Gateway beeping?

The RF500 System Gateway will emit an audible alarm or beep to alert you to the following conditions:

  • On Boot-Up
  • On Power down
  • When a Transmitter Alarm is received

Boot-up and power down are considered normal operation, the beeping will stop as soon as the process involved is complete.

If your RF500 System Gateway starts beeping in normal operation, then we would recommend that you log on to your Gateway as soon as possible to check the ‘Homepage’ for a Transmitter Alarm Message that may be present.

If you discover an Alarm Message, then you should navigate to the Transmitter that is issuing the ‘Alarm’ and ‘Acknowledge’ or ‘Snooze’ that Alarm. You should then take the appropriate action to rectify the original cause of the alarm.

Note: Your RF500 System Gateway Device can be set to ‘beep’ and/or display a red LED for alarm conditions. If you do not wish the audible alarm on the Gateway to be activated, then you will simply need to deselect the option for ‘Enable internal speaker on alarm’ that is found under ‘Administration’ then ‘Locations’.