Do I have the latest Gateway Software Version installed?

In order to ascertain which version of the Software your Gateway is running, you will need to check by logging on to your Gateway and navigating to the ‘Hardware’ page.

HTML or Original Interface




New 2015 Interface


The following table explains the various Software versions that have been installed on RF500A Gateways since their launch in 2011:

Version Reason Comment Date Software Update
M2 Launch Version Launch Version of Gateway Software Aug-11 Launch
M3 First Update New Backup Software Added, and New Tx (RF542) Mar-12 Major
M4 Second Update Not released to Customers N/A N/A
M5 Third Update Add Repeat Alarm Functionality Jul-13 Major
M6 Fourth Update Background Engine changes for SD Cards Oct-14 Minor
M7 Fifth Update Further Background changes, forced weekly manual backup. Nov-14 Minor
M8 Sixth Update Customer Release of M7 with forced weekly manual backup Dec-14 Minor

For further information on upgrading the Software of your RF500 System Gateway Software please read this related knowledge base article.