Why does my Gateway data show as ‘—X—X—‘?

Your RF500 System Gateway will show data as ‘—X—X—‘ if you have had Probes/Sensors disconnected from Transmitters for a short time.

Your Gateway will display the correct data once the Probes/Sensors in question have been reconnected, though there might be a short delay.

The ‘—X—X—‘ listing appears if data is missing, based on the current time window. The default time window presented on the home screen is today’s date, from midnight to midnight.

As no temperature record was taken during the time the Probes/Sensors were disconnected, the home page values will be incomplete. The Gateway will not be able to clear the ‘—X—X—‘ listing, because the default view of today includes a missing link in the data. Minimum, maximum and average value sets are incomplete. If the probes are left intact you’ll begin having accurate calculations on the home screen once again, after midnight.

Should you need this information, then there are two ways in which it can be calculated:

Firstly, you can click on the Graph to get into the Transmitter summary using the ‘zoom’ tool to move ONLY the time before the disconnect into view. At that point you should see accurate calculations below the graph. You can repeat the same procedure for calculations occurring after the disconnect and combine the two.

Secondly, the tabular report will show all records that were actually collected before and after the disconnect. You can either export, or copy and paste this Data to Excel. The faulty readings can then be removed and you are then free to perform your own calculations on the columns.