Comark Website FAQs and Knowledgebase Articles

For the Comark Website we have changed our approach to Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, which we now refer to as Knowledgebase Articles.

Searching for Knowledgebase Articles is easy! Simply use the Search function on the Website and type in the question, or part thereof, to bring up the solution.

How to use Comark Website Search

Type a word (or several words) into the search box. To start the search press the Search Icon (or the Enter key on your keyboard). The Comark Portal Search will look for all instances of the search term.

For example: If you search for ‘Probe’ and ‘Wipe’ the search will look for instances of both words in the Website.

Note: The Search function is not limited to searching for Knowledgebase Articles. It will search for all items on the Website, including Products, Software, Services, Documentation and Knowledgebase Articles.

Hints for Searching

Some searches will bring up lots of results. For example, searching for Probes’ will bring up many results. So please consider narrowing the search down by entering a more specific search term, e.g. ‘RF512 Probe’ or ‘Surface Probe’.