Care of Temperature Probes for Auditor (N5001USB)

The Probe is where most of the action with the Auditor takes place. Almost every operation requires a Probe reading.  The Probe should be treated with care in order to ensure best functioning and long life.

Always have a spare properly functioning Probe on hand, in case the primary Probe breaks or appears to be reading incorrectly.

Do not stretch the coiled cable of the Probe to reach an item to be measured. ALWAYS move both the Probe and the Auditor toward the food to be measured. This will help avoid unnecessary stress on the wires inside the Probe.

Do not touch the coiled cable or Probe handle to hot surfaces that might melt the protective coatings, damaging the Probe wires and render the Probe inoperable.

Do not bend the Probe tip. This too could break the wires and render the Probe inoperable. In general, Probes are designed for penetrating thawed food only and not for testing frozen food or containers or chipping ice.

Clean the Probe and wire coil with a clean damp cloth, being VERY careful not to pull or stretch the coil and damage the wires inside.