Batteries only last a few months

Battery life quoted for RF5xx Transmitters makes a number of assumptions about the operating use and conditions. Transmitters are assumed only to transmit one data record to your RF500A/AP Gateway every 15 minutes. Operation of the Transmitter is assumed to be at ambient, approx. 23°C. Deviations from this specification will have an effect on the battery life of each Transmitter.

For example:

  • Prolonged use at extremes of low or high temperature will reduce the battery life
  • A Transmitter that has lots of alarm occurrences will also have a reduced battery life
  • A System with poor radio coverage where the Transmitter has to constantly re-send its data to the Gateway will reduce the battery life


What to look for Remedy
Transmitters in cold environments Possibly move the transmitter/fit a power supply/use the hi-capacity upgrade battery
No signals on the Gateway Check the status of the meshing units in the system
Lots of temperature alarms Adjust alarm limits or cure the cause of the alarms