How do I add a new Transmitter to my Gateway?

To add a new Transmitter to your existing RF500 Gateway device, simply follow the instructions below, or refer to the ‘Transmitter Management’ section of the in the RF500 Webview Help Guide (Pages 46-47).

Transmitter settings are usually only able to be accessed by a System ‘Administrator’, although the permissions required to add a new Transmitter, can be granted to a ‘Restricted User’.

To add a new Transmitter you should navigate to the Gateway Home Page, click the Administration’ button, followed by theTransmitters’ button.

A categorised list of Transmitter Serial Numbers will then be displayed (as below), along with the option to ‘Add New’.


Click on the ‘Add New’ button (as shown above) after which you should get a form, similar to that shown below;


You will need to enter the following information to add a new Transmitter:

  • An ‘Administrator’ or ‘Restricted User’ Password
  • The Serial Number (case sensitive) of the Transmitter to be added

Once you have entered that information and decide on the other options you require, simply click on the ‘Save’ button.  Your newly added Transmitter should now appear in the section entitled ‘Searching for the following Transmitters’.

Note: This KB Article refers to RF500 Gateways running software issue 33A or 33B and RF500A/RF500AP Gateways running software version up to and including M8.