Comark Kitchen Checks

 Comark Kitchen Checks is our new approach to taking HACCP temperatures and performing HACCP checks.


By combining our app on your tablet or phone, with a Bluetooth version of the tried and tested Pocketherm Folding Thermometer, it is possible to build and operate a complete HACCP program without the need for a pen or paper.

Comark Kitchen Checks has three elements





Comark’s Bluetooth Pocketherm for wireless recording of temperature directly into the app.

The Free Comark Kitchen Checks APP to record and upload your daily HACCP Information.

A cloud-based Checks App Dashboard with free storage of your recorded temperature data.

Still Deciding?

Your Plan, Your Way

Save Time

Load all of your assets including refrigerators, coolers, walk-ins, freezers, cleaning checks, receiving checks, users, suppliers and all required products just how you need it. Essentially your current HACCP Plan, your way – but now in a free app!

Automated record keeping with Comark Cloud storage of your temperature and HACCP check data that reduces labor and potential errors associated with paper reporting, saving you both time and money.

Kitchen Friendly

Automatic Data-Logging

The Bluetooth Pocketherm is designed for busy caterers. It is waterproof to IP65 and has Biocote anti-microbial protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Its touch sensitive button will also work while the operator is wearing latex gloves, vital for use in a kitchen. 

Daily HACCP information is uploaded to the Cloud ensuring reports are recorded on time, every time by automating the data logging process and ensuring true peace of mind reporting.

*No Added Costs

Live Data View

Unlike other systems Comark does not charge you a monthly fee for use of the app or Cloud. Your single Bluetooth Pocketherm purchase entitles you to one application to the Checks App Dashboard with six months rolling data. 

As a manager watch live data from your Kitchen Staff as it comes in to the Dashboard. Simply log on and keep the page open for instant updates as recorded data is uploaded. Respond to issues arising instantly, instead of having to wait to review yesterday’s paper records or review yesterday’s download.

Comark Kitchen Checks


Climb Onboard

Comark has developed an online registration process, allowing you to register yourself and setup your HACCP information. The process is designed to be self-setup and as easy as possible for you.


Comark Kitchen Checks APP

Download the APP for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to your chosen device. You can mix and match iOS and Android devices up to the limit for the type of Account.

Comark Kitchen Checks Dashboard

Once registered you will have your own personal and private, Cloud Dashboard. The Dashboard is the go to place to review all of your data. Here you will be able to review the information from your devices and users.


For additional information please read our FAQs or you can of course choose to Contact Us