Pharmacy & Dispensary

Pharmacy & Dispensary

Pharmacy & Dispensary

When it comes to Pharmacy & Dispensary, we know exactly how busy these environments are and the job of dispensing drugs and medicines – as well as knowing they have not been affected by incorrect environmental conditions – is paramount to the safety of a patient let alone the shelf-life of a product.

Regularly taking the temperatures of the pharmacy & dispensary fridges, cold rooms, robots and warehouse stockrooms, to meet the FDA legislation, is imperative and in turn reduces potential wastage.

In Pharmacy & Dispensary departments It is also imperative, for the safety of treatment stock, to make sure that you can react to a change in temperature beyond the alarm parameters you have set. We recommend installing a Comark Wireless Temperature Monitoring System to cover you 24/7 with real-time monitoring.

Having this capability is a must and demonstrates to the FDA/Joint Commission and other applicable regulatory authorities that you are being proactive in temperature monitoring and meeting compliance & regulation.

Why not ease these requirements and ensure your compliance is met with the Comark range of Wireless Temperature Monitoring products?


Ensure effectiveness of critical control procedures and protocols by eliminating human error and incorrect data, with a secure and robust recording on a fully auditable platform


Access and consolidate data from multiple departments and sites into a central, multi-user reporting platform, for fast-paced management on the move.


Make the most of your budget by investing in automated monitoring rather than paying to replenish valuable stock


Optimisation of key resources to increase productivity and quality by automating the mundane task of routine temperature recording


Automated 24/7 monitoring allows you to manage and mitigate product loss, allowing proactive management of your temperature controlled assets

UKAS & ISO 17025

Comark has ISO 17025 & UKAS accredited calibration laboratories and can bring these services to you with our onsite engineers

Advice tailored to your needs

We have a range of solutions that we can tailor to suit your exact needs and will be more than happy to discuss your needs with you and work with you to get you the solution that you require.