Comark Kitchen Checks

A new approach to HACCP recording

A new approach to HACCP recording



A Comark Bluetooth Thermometer for wireless recording of temperatures directly into the App


Use the free Comark Kitchen Checks App to record and upload your daily HACCP information


A cloud-based Comark Kitchen Checks App Dashboard with free storage of your recorded temperature data

By combining one of our Bluetooth Thermometers with our Comark Kitchen Checks App on your tablet or smartphone, it is possible to build and operate a complete HACCP program without the need for pen and paper.



Your Plan, Your Way

Load all of your assets including refrigerators, coolers, walk-ins, freezers, cleaning checks, receiving checks, users, suppliers and all required products just how you need it. Essentially your current HACCP Plan, your way – but now in a free app!

*No Added Costs

Unlike other systems Comark does not charge you a monthly fee for use of the app or Cloud. Your single purchase of a Bluetooth Thermometer with Kitchen Checks entitles you to one application to the Checks App Dashboard with 6 months rolling data.

Kitchen Friendly

Comark’s range of Bluetooth Thermometers are designed for busy caterers. All come with a case waterproof to IP65 and all have BioCote Anti-Microbial Protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria. They are also compatible with operators wearing latex gloves, vital for use in a kitchen.

Live Data View

As a manager watch live data from your Kitchen Staff as it comes in to the Dashboard. Simply log on and keep the page open for instant updates as recorded data is uploaded. Respond to issues arising instantly, instead of having to wait to review yesterday’s paper records or review yesterday’s download.

Save Time

Automated record keeping with Comark Cloud storage of your temperature and HACCP check data that reduces labor and potential errors associated with paper reporting, saving you both time and money.

Automatic Data Logging

Daily HACCP information is uploaded to the Comark Cloud ensuring that your reports are recorded on time, every time, by automating every step of the data logging process and ensuring true peace of mind reporting.


Comark Kitchen ChecksProfessionalBusinessEnterprise
per month/app
per month/app
per month/app
Comark Kitchen Checks App1125Unlimited
Cooking TemperaturesTickTickTick
Reheating TemperaturesTickTickTick
Cold-Holding TemperaturesTickTickTick
Hot-Holding TemperaturesTickTickTick
Hot-Holding To CoolingTickTickTick
Cook To CoolingTickTickTick
Sanitation ChecksTickTickTick
Equipment Temperature ChecksTickTickTick
Device CalibrationTickTickTick
Sites (i.e. Kitchen)125Unlimited
Sub-Sites (i.e. Cooking Areas)5125Unlimited
Data Retention6 Months12 MonthsUnlimited
Active Admin Users525Unlimited
Active Site App Users20500Unlimited
Corrective ActionsDefaultDefault/ 3 CustomFully Customizable


Bluetooth Pocketherm Thermometers
Bluetooth Pocketherm Thermometers

A handy pocket digital thermometer, Bluetooth thermometer, waterproof thermometer, food thermometer, catering thermometer – all rolled into one! Designed for use as a food thermometer/catering thermometer within food production areas, the Bluetooth Pocketherm Folding Thermometer transmits temperature data via Bluetooth to your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

Bluetooth Handheld Thermometers
Bluetooth Handheld Thermometers

These Bluetooth handheld thermometers comes in Comark’s proven durable, rugged, IP65-rated case. The are the perfect choice for demanding process environments. They incorporate a range of advanced features designed to answer the quality control and HACCP requirements of the professional food industry user, but with the added bonus of Bluetooth connectivity.


It’s easy to register for the Comark Kitchen Checks App and get on board with paperless HACCP. Simply visit the Comark Kitchen Checks Dashboard to register yourself and start setting up your HACCP information as per your current HACCP plan.

Sign Up Screen and Phone with QR Code


Download the App for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to your chosen device. You can mix and match iOS and Android devices up to the limit for the type of account you have.

Hand Holding SmartPhone Various Comark Kitchen Checks App Screenshots

Available on the Apple App Store
Available on Google Play Store


Once registered you will have your own personal and private Cloud Dashboard.

Display and Laptop Showing Dashboard Screens

The Dashboard is the go-to place to review all of your data.
Here you will be able to review the information from your devices and users.


How do I make changes to my HACCP plan?

You can make changes to your HACCP plan online at any time online and using the ‘Refresh’ button in the app your updated information is loaded into the app itself. So menu changes for example can be accommodated with ease and changes made in just a couple of minutes.

We recommend that you download the help guide for more information.

What does the Dashboard do?

The Dashboard is the go to place to review all of your data. Here you will be able to review the information from your devices and users. Once registered you will have your own personal and private, Cloud Dashboard.

All information is updated in real time when the collection devices are in range of WiFi or phone signal. Otherwise records are stored locally on the devices until connection is re-established. As a manager you can chose to have the Dashboard open on your PC or Tablet and see records updating in real time in front of you.

The Dashboard will allow you to drill down to see individual records and any non-conformities are easily identified along with the corrective action taken.

The Dashboard will store all of your HACCP data for a rolling 6 months free of charge. There is no limit amount of data that you can store during this period and there is nothing more to pay. You can download your data at any time into Excel or you can choose to *upgrade the account for full data recording and unlimited storage. You can register up to three devices to the Professional Account.

Access to the Dashboard is via the username and password registered during the Registration process, please click here for the Dashboard.

*Upgrades to Checks App Accounts is coming soon. Please return to the Comark website regularly for updates. Comark plans to offer subscription based upgrades allowing you to add new features and increase the amount of time that you can store data online as well as adding additional sites, sub-sites and devices to your account.

What happens at the end of my free 6 months?

At the end of 6 months your earliest data will disappear from view. If you have not upgraded your account but still wish to see this data then please ensure that you have downloaded it. At any time in the future if you upgrade your data will be available again.


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